Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Mac the Black Cat

There's a new member to the Pepper-Nicoll household. He's another big black cat who we've named Mac. He is a spitting image of our dear departed Bubba.

We got Mac unexpectedly. I was buying fish at our favourite fish shop and chatting with Nicki the shop owner. I told her about Bubba and she asked me if I wanted another cat. I said no... but she insisted that this was a VERY special cat. He belonged to her parents but they've recently moved into an apartment that doesn't allow pets - so the cat had to live at the fish market. I thought it sounded like a good life for a cat... but she insisted that he was a people cat and didn't get enough attention at the fish market. They were looking for a good home for him. When she told me he was an all black cat, I was intrigued.

I was still grieving when I spoke to her, so two weeks later I sent her a text to see if the cat still needed a home - he did - so we arranged to meet the cat. The moment I saw Mac I started to cry - and laugh - I was amazed. He looked so much like Bubba! They both have bright eyes!! The only difference between them is that Mac has a shorter tail and a slightly squarer jaw. Personality wise, they are very similar - very friendly, playful, talkative and cuddly. Mac is 4 years old so of course he is much more active than old Bubs. Brian was also amazed. We knew that this cat belonged with us.

We brought Mac home but for the first two weeks we didn't know what to call him. You see - his previous owners named him Niggles. The name just didn't really fit us - and we were debating whether we should call him Bubba 2 or Buddha or Buddy. Whenever we called him Niggles, we would end up shortening it and calling him Niggy or Nigs or accidentally Nigger. It was a very politically incorrect name so it had to go. The decision to call him Mac came from the cat himself actually. He has this funny little meow which at times sounds like he's saying "Mac Mac". One day I asked him what his name was and he said "Mac"... the girls roared with laughter... so it stuck. He is our Big Mac. When we play with him, we've had a "Mac Attack". It's perfect. He comes when we call him so he already knows his new name.

Mac has fit in perfectly. We absolutely adore him. He couldn't possibly replace Bubba but he has certainly filled the void that Bubba left when he died. Bubba was MY cat. Mac is the family cat. Everyone is amazed that we found a cat so much like Bubba. Miracles happen - even in the form of a cute black cat that has filled the saddened hearts of a family who lost a special old black cat. We are thrilled to have found our black cat named Mac.

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Monica said...

Are you sure Bubba never fathered a cat in New Zealand? It's amazing how strikingly similar they are.

Congratulations on the new family cat!