Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May the 8th - Day of Reckoning

Obviously something has distracted me because I haven't been very good at updating my blog for those of you who check in regularly. I apologize and please give me a gentle reminder if you've checked in more than 5 times and it hasn't been updated.

I have been mildly (perhaps that's an understatement) obsessed with Facebook. I don't know what my problem is... I sit with the damn computer on my lap waiting for someone to join or someone to write! You'd think I didn't have a life! Apparently I don't.

Mrs. P has been away for a week up at Sandspit with her daughter so I've had a week off. I hoped to be productive during that week - and unless you call "networking" productive - I have achieved absolutely nothing. I did manage however, to scan a lot of photos (for facebook) and so now I have hard copies of them in case of natural disaster.

I'm back to work tomorrow and I imagine the withdrawal will be horrible. Lucky for me, I only work until 1:30!

So anyway, there's not a heck of a lot to report as you can see. BUT I do want to let you know that I finally have the date for my surgery... Tuesday May 8th (which is Monday evening there in Canada). May 3rd, 1985 was the day 22 years ago that I was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

Just to recap - and for those of you who haven't yet heard about this and are finding out for the first time - I am going in to have a complete hysterectomy. Just before Christmas they found another tumour on my surviving ovary which appears to be a similar type to the kind I had as a child. The good news is that they found it early so they don't think it's become cancerous yet (and they told me that it was next to impossible to get another tumour again after 22 years). SO as a result of this finding we have decided that it's probably my best option to remove all of my reproductive parts.

It's not all bad - because look at how lucky I am to have found a family! Honestly, I wouldn't know what to do with a baby now. That's a life sentence! I only have to do half time. By the time I'm 40, the girls will be independent and Brian and I can go off travelling the world. I can't think of anything more appealing.

The only daunting thing about this surgery is the HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I have had conflicting advice - take it, don't take it. The literature is horrifying either way. If I don't take it I can develop osteoporosis and increase my chances at heart disease (I already have dangerously high blood pressure). If I do take it, I increase my chances of breast cancer and stroke by 70%! Shit.

I've decided to stop reading and just take things as they come. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst (but am determined to fight my way through it). I may have some sadness for a while which is normal and expected. I can't say I'll miss having my period though! Whooo hooo!!

Support is critical. Laughter essential. Facebook absolute.

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