Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things beginning with "M"

I was invited to a party over the weekend. I haven't been to a house party for ages... at least not a "proper" one where the idea is just to drink and socialize. Most of the parties I go to these days are during the day and although drinking might be involved, there are usually children running around and the energy is vastly different.

I caught up with my friend Vashti who moved away but was coming to the Mount to go to this party and asked if I wanted to come along. It was a housewarming party for a friend of her sister's and it was going to be a costume party. The theme was "M" because it's March and because the person throwing the party is named Murray. ( There's Murray and Vashti in the photo above - Murray was a "Master" and Vashti was "Marge Simpson".)

I wouldn't know a soul, other than Vashti (who frankly, I don't really know all that well either)...

Which means, I'd be in my element! I love parties and I love crowds of strangers and I LOVE dressing up!!!!

What could I dress up as... hmmm.... what starts with "M"?... how can I make this work for me?... hmmm....

I know! I'll go as a Massage Therapist!!! I wore my scrubs (which I work in to save my clothes from getting oil all over them) put on my professional name tag (which I never wear while I work), tucked some of my "Magic Hands" brochures in my pockets and some business cards in another pocket and I was set! How clever am I?

Brian took the girls possum hunting and I went off on my "M" house party adventure.

I know that I must sound like a total loser - truly - I mean, what's the big deal? It's just a little house party. It wasn't a HUGE party or anything... maybe 30 people... max. But seriously people, I don't get out much. I get drunk off two beers!

I drank 5 beers that night PLUS three delicious minty shooters served by the "Minties" girl. I was trashed! Well perhaps I'm exaggerating... trashed might be a strong word. But as I mentioned, I really don't get out much. I had a blast!

I was really impressed with the effort that some people put into their costume. This isn't a typical New Zealand scene... a country that doesn't even celebrate Halloween. There were a few people there who didn't dress up - and you know, now that I think of it, no one talked to them much. Interesting observation...

Here's a list of some of the costumes: Marge Simpson, Minties Candy, Master, Matador, Mohican, M&M, Marshmallow, Medium, Methodist Minister, The Milky Bar Kid, Mechanic, A Medieval Maid, The Midas Touch ....

These Martians had pretty cool costumes...

These guys were really creative with their costumes... and I'm not sure I can remember what they were... or how it has anything to do with "M"... but I recall they had good reason for their choice. The guy in the nurses uniform called himself a "Matron". The guy in the tartan was some Scottish Guy with a last name beginning with "M". I don't remember what the middle guy was. They were having a good time. I even reapplied lipstick for the Matron later in the evening because his wife forgot hers (she didn't need any because she went dressed as a Muslim).

And to the right we have the girls with Murray the "Master". There was "Motown", "Maid Marion", a "Muslim", and one of the "Marley" clan.

The thing I love the most about costume parties is the fact that it's a great ice breaker and an easy way to spark up a conversation with people. People seem WAY more relaxed and let their guard down. I don't know... I wouldn't ordinarily feel comfortable walking up to a group of guys who are clearly someone's husbands and just engage them in random conversation (or hand out my business cards or brochures insisting they need a massage) without worrying that you're going to have some woman - or worse yet - a group of women get all catty with you for chatting up their husband. You see what I mean? Plus, there's no pressure to remember names. You associate everyone with their costume... ie. Hey Motown! Looking good! (insert a shooter pointing finger and a wink and clicking sound out of the side of your mouth here).

Every party should be a costume party.

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