Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feijoa Frenzy

There's a fire on in our potbelly stove. It's only 6pm but it's dark and cold outside. It's winter in New Zealand.

It's not all bad. Our afternoons can still be quite warm when it's sunny. It never snows which means that I can enjoy the garden year round. The best part of the garden are the fruit trees which are all in fruit at the moment.

You might remember our tamarillo trees from last year... a.k.a. "tree tomatoes".

My favourite fruit of all time is called a "feijoa" which is a cousin of the Guava. They are like nothing I have ever eaten before and I can consume copious amounts of them at a time. I can't even begin to explain what they taste like... they are slightly tangy but sweet. My mouth waters just thinking about them!

I love feijoa season! Lucky for us, we have two feijoa trees in our backyard!

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