Saturday, November 01, 2008

Natalya and Chantelle

Last weekend was our labour day long weekend and the girls came to stay with me. It was the first time they have been back since they left in June. Each of them had a friend over so it was a full on GIRLS weekend! Here they are with their adopted Granny Mabeth who has missed them terribly. Haven't they grown up so much?? I absolutely love these little girls.

They arrived Friday night and it was so good having them "home". Chantelle slept in my bed that night and I have to admit, it was so nice sharing my space and waking up to that smiling face of hers.

They are growing up so fast. They both have cell phones now as they are fairly independent. Brian works so much and they are left to look after themselves most of the time. I am so glad I gave them the skills they needed for this stage of their life. Brian tells me that I should be proud of myself for what I did for them - and I am.

On Saturday Rebekah and Bree arrived and that's when the party really started around here. First thing's first... teeth check!!! I made sure all four of them properly flossed their teeth! Just because I'm not technically a "mother" anymore doesn't mean I'm any less of a mother! Some things just don't change. Boy, don't I sound like loads of fun?

The girls had a movie marathon Saturday night while my friend Julia came by for a visit with her adorable baby Grace. I'm not normally clucky over babies but Grace is so perfect! I absolutely adore her and I crack her up. Seriously, this baby splits her sides with laughter when I talk to her. It's hilarious! Must be my funny accent or somethin'.

Sunday morning we all walked to church. It was drizzling a little... here's a photo of Bree and Natalya wearing the Canada umbrella hats.

I was teaching Sunday school... and the lesson that day happened to be all about unconditional love, what it means and how important it is to learn to love yourself first. How appropriate. During our discussion both Nat and Chan mentioned that they hated themselves numerous times. I was able to explain to them that they needed to love themselves before they could possibly love anyone else. We then traced the outline of a body and inside we wrote all the things we could think of that we could do to "love thy neighbour". It was a fun project and they all enjoyed it. I hope the lesson sticks with them.

They went to the buskers festival Sunday afternoon and then more movies Sunday night. Monday morning we all went to the Hot Pools for a long soak. I was exhausted at this stage... and just about ready to send them home. They both have a bad habit of fighting over who can boss who around the most. It can get very irritating. Sometimes I wish they would just love each other and stop trying to hurt the other one. It always ends up in tears and Nat having a major fit (she's almost a teenager).

Neither of them wanted to go back. I think they are terribly lonely. It was nice to see that they are living in a lovely home on a quiet street. Brian has done a good job. Unfortunately this is just life. They know that they are loved... and that's more than a lot of kids out there.

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Monica said...

Hey Trace, I'm so glad you are getting to have some time with the girls, and they with you! A while ago, it sounded like the connection might have been severed for good. So yay for you being in their lives! You are such an uber-positive presence for those rocky pre-teen years.