Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CanTeen Wax Wars

On Saturday October 23rd CanTeen held another big fundraiser - Wax Wars. Our local Police and Fire Departments raised over $5000 for the single event and our brave boys in blue stripped down to their superman boxer shorts to have their legs, backs and chests waxed for a good cause - young people living with cancer.

There were also opportunities to have moustaches, beards and heads shaved. Men gave up their Tom Selleck look to reveal a younger, softer side. Imagine not knowing what you look like without facial hair... the last time this gentleman saw his upper lip he was starting puberty!

And let's not forget the wonderful brave souls who shaved off their gorgeous manes, who worried whether they had a nice round head or not. This shows dedication and tremendous support to those who don't get a choice in the matter.

Even our local MP Simon Bridges came out to support the event. He hardly flinched when his legs were being waxed... at one point he said it was actually a fairly pleasant experience. The girls from the beauty school admittedly did such an amazing job to try to make this as painless for the boys as possible... but Simon had far less "fur" than this...

Ouch is right. Poor lad. He won't forget this experience.

I was there to offer pre-waxing massage to help ease the tension. I was surprised more of them didn't take me up on the offer - but apparently they couldn't tolerate a distraction from the mental preparation they needed to "psyche" themselves into it. Still I found a willing participant or two...

Take THAT for the speeding ticket I got doing 57kms/hr in a school zone! ;-)

But when you think about what it feels like to have cancer, this pales in comparison. If this is all it takes to raise awareness and funds to send 30 teenagers to camp or a group of survivors and their peers off to jump out of an airplane or to swim with dolphins... well doesn't it seem worth it?

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