Wednesday, December 05, 2012

12 Years of Travels to wrap up 2012

Here's a little video montage of places I've travelled over the past 12 years beginning with my first trip backpacking across Europe alone in 1998, finishing with Fiji in 2010.  

I'll never forget the time I was waiting to catch a bus in Hungary, a tall business man stopped to ask me if I was traveling alone.  I proudly exclaimed, "Yes I am!" with a big smile.  He asked me, "But aren't you scared of people?"  

The thought had not once crossed my 23 year old mind.

I made this video two years ago and just came across it on you tube.  I'd better make a new one with the last two years of traveling (England, Greece, Australia, Niue).

A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Home is an interesting concept.
What makes a place home?
It's where the heart is.
My heart is in so many places.


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