Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moving On - Time for change

It always amazes me how quickly things can change and how wonderful and unexpected change really can be! Last week I had a meeting with Mrs. P and her son Phil and together we decided that it may be time for Brian and I to look for a place of our own. My life is getting busier having to run around after the girls and I will need to be home more for them - especially after school and on weekends - because Brian's job is taking him to Tokoroa through the week. He'll be living in a house provided by his job - because Tokoroa is an hour and a half away. So he won't be home much over the next year.

The idea of moving into our own place is very exciting. Brian immediately got on the internet to look for rentals. We saw a place that was IDEAL! Ultimately I want to start getting into doing my Massage Therapy again so we wanted to find a place that had at least 4 bedrooms - with a separate entrance to one of the rooms. It wasn't going to be easy to find - if at all - so we were just going to look until the right place came along. There was no hurry to leave Mrs. P's at all. But the place we saw on the internet was PERFECT! The only trouble was that it was the long weekend so we couldn't contact the realtor. I prayed and prayed all weekend - and had all of my friends praying too. We had an idea that it would be gone so we really didn't get our hopes up. Sure enough, when I finally reached the realtor - it had been rented. Bummer.

But the next day I found another house that was really nice. It was smaller than we hoped but it had a really nice garden with a pond and the house itself was warm and sunny and had a "good feel" about it. Another bonus was that the landlords were really lovely people and Brian and I liked them. The house was close to the school so that the girls could easily walk or ride their bikes. It only had three bedrooms but if the girls shared a room, I could use one of the rooms for an office. It didn't have a separate entrance but it was located in a fairly convenient place in the house that it would be "okay". Brian and I couldn't sleep that night. We were SO excited!!!

The following morning I went to the Real Estate Office to sign the rental agreement and write a cheque for the bond, two weeks rent and letting fees (it's expensive to rent in New Zealand man!). As I was waiting for the realtor to get some paperwork I had a browse in the daily rental listings. Low and behold the house Brian and I spotted on the internet 4 days earlier was in it! I was confused... I thought it was gone? I asked my agent about it but it wasn't her property so she didn't know anything and seemed annoyed that I was even enquiring (she just wanted her commission). I told her that I had to find out - because it was the house we originally wanted. She was incredibly annoyed and I felt bad... but it was pretty important. I called Brian to tell him and ask him what I should do. He gave me the okay to have a look at it and if it was suitable, take it.

Sure enough the house was available! The previous deal fell through so it was back on the market! What luck!!! My prayers were answered. I went to have a look and it was even better than I expected! The inside is HUGE (we are going to need to garage sale hunt). I told the agent I was VERY interested and I had already filled in an application form. The only thing that troubled me was the fact that it was too far for the girls to walk or ride their bikes to school. But a bonus was the fact that it is on a street that has a lot of businesses that will help promote my Massage Practice - Doctor's Offices, Medlab, Counsellors, Family Clinics, and the Rugby Club plus the Gym!

I felt sick for the rest of the afternoon. I was so anxious and plus I felt so bad that I backed out of the other property. I didn't have the house yet but the agent hinted that we'd probably get it since the other people were all single (such a bonus having children!). I got the call later that afternoon confirming it - we got the house!!!!!

As a family we went to see the house in the evening when Brian got home from work. The owner met us there and we all got a chance to meet her. She was WONDERFUL! She only recently bought the house as an investment and she seemed delighted with us living there. The girls chose their rooms (they'll each have their own room) and we had a good look around. The garden has citrus trees, a tamarillo tree, passionfruit, and other great things. There's a woodshed stocked with wood for the potbelly stove in our family room (it'll be cheap on power - and the stove heats the water). It has a brick fireplace in the garden for BBQ's and lots and lots of matured succulents and shrubs. Mac the cat is going to love it. Since it doesn't snow here, the garden will look like this year round. There isn't a bath in the house, just a shower and I jokingly mentioned that we'd just have to get a spa for the deck - and the owner thought it was a great idea!!! Then when we were out checking out the sleepout (in the photo just to the right) she said that she'd get it insulated if I was going to use it for an office. She also said that we could renovate and add on another room for a waiting area if we'd like. Can you believe it? Unreal. She's the landlady from heaven!

We move in on the 15th of February. I've already contacted Telecom to connect the phone and I got a phone number similar to our current phone number - just one digit different. I hate moving but this move should be fairly stress free. We don't have an eviction date so we can take our time.

Change is good. It can be scary, but it is also so exciting! I was quite comfortable here with Mrs. P - but truth be told, I miss doing what I do best - working with my hands to fix people's bodies. It's my gift, my talent, and my identity. It will be so good getting back into it. So for all of you who miss my Massages - I'm back!!! The commute to New Zealand is a bit far - but you know it's worth it!

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debra said...

The new house looks and sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!!
Tracy this is just so fantastic--I am so proud of you and I really thing this is the perfect start to starting up your massage therapy again.
I can't wait to hear more...
love you,