Saturday, February 10, 2007

Trade Me is wonderful!

I've been preoccupied recently with the new house... and TRADE ME! We have pretty much moved in (even if we aren't scheduled to move in until the 15th). There isn't a box in sight and things are in their place. If you know me, you know how meticulous I am, and how fast I work. It's like we've lived in that house for years.

I am practical and frugal - Mrs. P says it's the French in me. But I like nice things. My motto is: why pay full price for something that you can buy second hand for MUCH less! So Trade Me is my new obsession. I bought our fridge, 29 inch TV, coffee table and rug all for $800 - and all practically new! The people were moving to Australia. I also bought a trundler bed for Chantelle's room, a really comfy denim chair with ottoman, a black leather recliner with ottoman, an old comfy leather chair (for beside the potbelly stove), a dryer, a kettle, a phone system for the entire house, and some other things... I have actually saved thousands of dollars! It's such a high.

I've taken Mrs. P to the house a couple of times now - and she really loves it. Yesterday she sat in the comfy denim chair with her feet up reading my Rodin book (from the actual museum in Paris) and some of my gardening books. She thinks I have exquisite taste. I made her lunch and she was very content. The house is quiet and peaceful - I can't wait to move in.

The girls are back in school now. I think this year is going to be much better than last year for them. Natalya has the same teacher - Mrs. Howat - but the mean girls have gone into another class. She's in a split year 5/6 class (Natalya is in year 6) so she has made new friends already. She has grown up so much this summer. Channy has a new teacher this year - a female - which I think will be much better for her. We decided to keep her in year 4 again - she really struggled last year and she is much 'younger' than other kids her age. It seems to be a good decision.

After school yesterday we went down to the beach for a swim (as we do everyday). As I was wading in, a little blue penguin sped by me and between the girls! He was clearly feasting on the little fish swimming about. What a thrill! There have been orcas in the harbour recently as well - coming in to feed on the stingrays. The kids caught a giant starfish and we all enjoyed studying it and touching it's suction cup tenticles. I stepped on a crab and it chased me... the girls collected sea biscuits and then skimmed them back into the sea. We dug a shallow pool in the sand and created our very own warm bath. We dug for pipis (shellfish) and watched them as they stuck their tongues out and tried to touch them!

I can't believe how lucky I am. This is the greatest life and we are so very blessed.

*Note* the photos taken were actually down at the ocean beach last week - not the harbour - as I didn't take my camera down with me yesterday!

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Monica said...

Congrats on settling into the new place!

I remember well your dilemma over how much of your well-loved stuff to bring overseas with you... and now you've found a new way to replace it all. And with very good taste, no doubt!

It's lovely that Mrs. P. has been able to see your new place. Who will be caring for her now?

Your time at the beach sounds heavenly. Penguins swimming by? I can't even imagine. Eat up every day of it. It's still -10 C and white here (though lovely and sunny today) and I'm trying to eat that up too, in spite of this aching for spring. So strange that you're heading into fall....

Love to you! m