Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All Blacks vs Canada

I am feeling completely back to normal now. The pain is a distant memory and I'm back to having fun and doing things like I did before. I returned to work with Mrs. P two weeks ago so I've had to adjust to getting things done in a tight schedule again. My days are busy and full. Brian is still working in Tokoroa through the week so I am juggling work and kids. I've finally got the kids trained to do the housework and they can even get their own dinner now! I'm pretty lucky. But of course I still do most of the cooking - but if they want beans on toast or noodles or spaghetti on toast for dinner, they can get it for themselves.

For the first time in a VERY long time, Brian and I got away for the weekend to watch the Canada vs. All Blacks Rugby game at Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. Chantelle was away at Brownie camp and Natalya stayed over at her friend Rebecca's. We were FREE! We stayed with our friends Bob and April.

The game was AWESOME! No one expected Canada to win. Rugby in NZ is like Hockey in Canada (well not that Canada's teams win anything... but most of the US teams consist of Canadian players). You get my drift. Rugby is NOT Canada's game. The Canadian Rugby team consisted mainly of French, Scottish and British guys anyway. There was even a Kiwi on the team! But they were young, fresh faced boys. The All Blacks are a team of seasoned Men... manly men with mean faces. I was scared for the boys.

But you know, everyone was totally impressed by the way the Canadian team played. The score might have been 64/13 but here's what one report said...

"Two full-strength sides head to head. At last! It says something about the state of the world rugby calendar that the only touring team at near-full strength throughout the whole of June has been the Canucks."

Canada gave the All Blacks a real fight. They fought to the bitter end. Their defence was stupendous! Probably too good because they missed a few offensive opportunities trying to fight the big bad All Blacks. The first half of the game looked so promising - Canada scored a flawless try and the crowd went wild! But the All Blacks came back in the second half with determination and absolutely slaughtered the boys of Canada. Still, it was a painful slaughter. The Canadians didn't just lie down to die. It was a gratifying slaughter. The Canadian supporters felt satisfied. Our boys did as well as they could. They done good.

It feels like winter now. The weather is cold, even if the sun is shining. There is no mistaking it, this is winter. Brrrrrrr.

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