Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dining out in our own home

The girls decided to kick us out of the house for an hour so that they could cook us a romantic dinner. It was a good opportunity to give Brian his weekly massage (he's earned these massages just by building my clinic so I can't argue with that!) out in the clinic. I really love that space. It's all mine. My haven.

At 7:45pm the girls had our dinner ready, the table was set, the lights were off, the candles were lit, the wine and coke (for Brian) was poured and we were presented with the first course. Almonds and carrot sticks with sour cream.

Brian and I enjoyed being served... even if our waitresses bickered an awful lot! We savoured our entree... eating something we didn't have to prepare.

By the time we finished and were ready for our main meal, it was cold. The girls had put it on the plates before they called us for the entree. It was obviously the vegetarian meal - alfredo pasta noodles with salad. Cold but yummy. Why does food ALWAYS taste better when someone else makes it?

While we ate dinner, the girls turned on the radio... and turned it up quite loud (I think this was so that they could dance to it). We dined in candlelight to groovy dancing music. I wanted to do the running man. Brian and I couldn't help but giggle.

So the girls were dancing in the living room while we enjoyed our cold pasta and salad (which they forgot to wash so I was picking dirt out of my teeth).

Next came dessert... we each got half a can of apricots, a Tim Tam and three wafer biscuits. That's when it was announced that they were hungry. They hadn't eaten dinner yet themselves! Brian and I looked at each other and laughed... THAT wasn't OUR problem! We quite liked the idea that they can now cook their own dinner!

It was such a fun night. The girls really enjoyed cooking dinner for us. We'll let them do this more often. I've drunk the entire bottle of wine now (since Brian doesn't drink and I couldn't let it go flat - it's bubbly)... so I'm a little tiddly.

Here's the menu they wrote out for us:


1. Sarot Sticks
2. Almands


Salda, Mashroom, Lettice, Carrot, Tomoros
Wine, Coke

Saper: (they call the meal after dinner supper for you Canadians)

Tim Tams
Redodono (which is the supposed name of the company who make the wafers)

The menu got some pretty big laughs around here tonight.

I love that the girls are growing up. They are at the absolute perfect age. Natalya has grown out of her rebellious age. Things are so peaceful around here now. Channy is entering the stage now... but her thing is lying. Stay tuned... should be an interesting year.

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