Wednesday, May 08, 2013

World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is the FIRST ever World Ovarian Cancer Day.  And because I now live in New Zealand, I get to be the first to celebrate it worldwide.

How appropriate... as I was the first to to trial the drug combinations in 1985 to help find the cure for Ovarian Cancers.  Miraculously I survived, and I'm here today to share my story and bring hope, inspiration and awareness worldwide.

Cancer is graded in stages from one to four, with stage four the most advanced. If it’s caught early (Stage 1 or 2), ovarian cancer can be cured in around 90% of cases. Once Ovarian Cancer progresses to Stage 3 or 4, the survival rate beyond 5 years is less than 20%.

Around 70% of women diagnosed with this type of cancer have reached stage three by the time it’s found.

The key is listening to your body. Massage, yoga and meditation are great ways to connect to your body. Being aware of yourself and your body gives you empowerment to take control of your health and recognize when something is not right.

Miracles happen.  Never lose hope.

Listen to the interview I did on Classic Hits 95 this morning here

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