Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Auction #8 - Vibram FiveFinger Barefoot Shoes

Over the next few weeks I will be advertising items that have been generously donated by local businesses to help me raise funds to get to Kilimanjaro.

Item #8 - Four Pairs of Vibram FiveFinger Barefoot Shoes (each sold separately)

I absolutely LOVE Vibram FiveFinger Barefoot shoes.  I have been wearing them for years.  People always notice my feet and ask questions about the shoes and I'm quick to tell them how comfortable they are and how good my body feels when I wear them.  People comment that they are weird looking but I know they want a pair.  Kiwis LOVE going places barefoot.  It was a concept that was foreign to me when I first got here (you can read my thoughts about barefooted Kiwis here) but I've embraced it and you will hardly ever see me in socks and shoes.
FiveFingers is a concept unlike any other, an unrivaled alternative to conventional footwear.  It's patented design mirrors the flex points and silhouette of your foot to propel your body forward and promote a more natural gait.  You'll notice an increased sense of balance, and expanded range of motion and visibly improved posture.

Wearing Vibram FiveFinger shoes frees you to connect with nature and the outdoors in a way simply not possibe in conventional shoes.  As your body's sensory system receives feedback from the earth, the muscles and joints in your feet and legs adapt to the barefoot sensation of wearing FiveFingers, and you rediscover a smoothers, more natural walking motion.

The benefits of running barefoot have long been supported by scientific research, coaches and athletes who believe that a gradual system of training barefoot will strengthen muscles in the feet and lower legs, leading to better running form and improved injury resistance. 
                          From the Vibram FiveFinger Booklet

#1 - Vibram FiveFingers Jaya LR  White & Grey  Size 37UK/6-6.5US  (this is the ONLY size I have).  

Vibram FiveFinger Jaya - White & Grey

Retail price $150NZD

 With a smooth and feminine leather overlay, the Vibram FiveFingers womens Jaya LR is graceful and elegant.  Vibram TC1 performance rubber pads are put to this unique sole design. In this way, the shoes are more durable than others.  All the materials are superior and of highest quality.  

They are stylishly designed and incredibly lightweight - perfect for traveling.  They pack well, are machine washable and incredibly versatile. 

Uses:  light walking, yoga, travel, around the house and ashram.

#2 - Vibram Five Fingers Sprint  Black    Size 37UK/6-6.5US (this is the ONLY size I have).   

Vibram FiveFinger Sprint - Black

Retail price $160NZD

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint is the most versatile shoe in the Vibram FiveFingers range. It is made of a thin and abrasion resistant stretch polyamide fabric for comfort and quick drying.  The adjustable hook-and-loop closure across the instep and around the heel offers a personalized and secure fit.  The shoes wear comfortable and flexible.

These can be used for light trekking, climbing, running, sailing, boating, canoeing, surfing, traveling etc.

#3 & #4 - Vibram Five Fingers Bikila  Grey & Green   
 Sizes 36UK/5-5.5US & 39UK/8-8.5US  (I only have these TWO sizes).

Vibram FiveFinger Bikila - Grey & Green
Retail Price $240NZD

The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila shoe adopts the classic design of five fingers. With the detailed sole, protective covering and excellent style, the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila shoe works well with rougher terrain and provides more grip for wet road running.  A 4mm anatomical pod outsole helps scatter impact from the ground.

They can be used for light/moderate trekking, climbing, running, sailing, boating, canoeing, surfing, traveling etc.

These shoes were generously donated by HIKOI Downtown the Mount.  I've been a customer of theirs for years.   They don't carry these colours or styles - so you'll be getting yourself a shoe that is totally unique here in New Zealand.  Total value of their generous donation is $790. 

All shoes are NOW on TRADE ME.  Just click on the shoe and size above and you'll go direct to the link.

*** Because HIKOI know how much I love barefoot technology they are sponsoring me by providing me with my camp footwear for Kilimanjaro.  I needed something that I could wear with thick socks but were lightweight, versatile (for wearing in the hot weather), packable (limited space) and comfortable.   

These shoes were the answer.   Merrills Barefoot.  You can get some for yourself.  They are ON SALE NOW.  Just head down to HIKOI Downtown the Mount and tell them I sent you.

My versatile traveling Merrill Barefoot shoe
And in case you're wondering - I'll also be taking my Vibram FiveFingers to Africa as well.  I don't go anywhere without them.

Follow along with me on my Facebook Page - Tracy Pepper's Expedition of Hope.  I take lots of photos!

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