Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dress Shopping Blues

Trying to find the right wedding dress is much like finding the right man... you try some on... sometimes you try dozens on at a time. Some of them are really nice, some would do just fine with a few minor alterations, some look great but are they appropriate?

I'm totally stressed out. I feel under the weather and I have a bladder infection. This is what dress shopping is doing to me! Yesterday I decided to stop looking until the summer season dresses come out... but today I took my neighbour Raewyn to have a look at what I've already been "thinking about". Big mistake. I found even MORE! So now I'm even more confused than before.

Just like men - when do you stop and just choose one? Or do you wait until next season? There are just so many choices.

Luckily I am fairly certain that I don't want another man... for now. The one I've got will do. We've been through the hard bits of a relationship - I've got him to succumb to my molding without much fight anymore. He's a smart man - just succumb Honey, otherwise I'll try on some more dresses!

As you can tell, I'm feeling a bit grumbly. I'm tired and have a lot on my mind. I haven't had a day off in 12 days and I feel badly because I've been so busy running the girls to their after school activities and Mrs. P is feeling neglected. I need a clone. She can find my dress and drive the children everywhere. I'd love to just sit and have a cuppa tea.

I wish my sisters were here. This is exactly why God gave us sisters - to talk about boys and to help find a dress.

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