Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Time off - empty nesting

Rosie is here and I've got some time off! It's already Wednesday (two days left until I get back to Mrs. P) and it's been such a busy week!

The girls are away for the school holidays - so we have a quiet house. It's really nice, but we're also a bit lost. It takes Brian and I a couple of days to adjust to being childless - we have no one to boss around so we tend to try to boss each other around! It doesn't work very well.

Today's been a great day though - Brian had the day off and we went out for breakfast at our favourite cafe called "Jett". They serve BAGELS! It reminds me so much of home. Bagels aren't a main breakfast or snack here like they are in North America. As we were walking home we stopped at a local jeweller to check out wedding bands for Brian. He didn't want a ring at first... but changed his mind. We found him a ring today! I'm so excited!!

We've spent the remainder of our day over at our dear friends, Rob & Sharyn's. Brian is building them a veggie garden. They're thrilled and we're having a great afternoon doing it. Sharyn, Sophie (their daughter) and I went out to pick the veggies while the guys got the timber and the soil. It's just about finished now. How exciting.

Brian's a great gardener and he's put in an awesome garden at our place. We'll have lots of stuff for salads at Christmas.

Bubba's been at the vet for the past couple of nights. His diabetes is back and they are trying to adjust the insulin dosage. It'll be managable and luckily we discovered it before he got really sick like last year. He'll be fine - just need to stick him twice a day.

Hmmm, what else can I say? Well the weather has been great this week. It's like summer and we all hope it will continue! The Mount is getting busy... it's quite different from winter.

Tomorrow Brian's Aunt Chris arrives. I am going to make some final decisions on my wedding dress this week. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey =, I will chat more later, but hoave you heard about a human insulin that you can use for your cat? My sister in Prince Albert, also a RMT has two old boys with diabetis, and she has been using human insulin on them and they have responded fabulously. Fif"s daughter is a pharmacist and a cat lover/owner and has checked this out. I will find out the details if you are interested and let you know.
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals, God Bless you both.
PS I haven't had a good massage since you left.
Love Maureen