Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Retail Therapy is Good

Today was such a wonderful day! Mrs. P and I had a big day out... I took her to the new shopping complex in Papamoa called "Fashion Island". It's a marvelous mall - with so many shops! Mrs. P was dazzled. I had to pick up the shoes I ordered for the wedding... that was the start of another shopping frenzy... and Mrs. P was the instigator of it all!!! I saw ANOTHER pair of shoes... very lovely and slightly dressier than the first... and a shade of gold closer to the shade of gold in my skirt. Very practical... AND they were ON SALE! My friends tell me that I am like a Bloodhound when it comes to sales. I've got a nose for it.

Next we had a nosey in Portmans - which is like a more upscale shop for dressy work clothes and nice summer dresses and skirts. Mrs. P wanted to have a look around to see what the fashion is this season. My Bloodhound instinct took over and we quickly found some items on sale... outrageously marked down! Mrs. P found a gorgeous lace bolero for Christmas (down from $80 to $20) and we also found her a nice blue skirt in fashion with the season (and marked down from$120 to $60). "I have to have it!" she said to the shop girl. She was so delighted with her purchases. The shop girl gave her a complimentary locket which was very generous.

I spotted a nice white wrap around dress - on sale of course - down from $150 to $60! I didn't "need" it but it went so well with the new shoes I bought that I didn't need either... and let's not forget that they were all on sale... so that's kinda like "free". Besides Mrs. P thought it was so elegant and suited me so well... so I had to have it too. I couldn't disappoint Mrs. P.

We certainly earned ourselves a cuppa tea so we headed over to BB's Cafe for Devonshire Tea. It was a wonderful end to a really fun day. Mrs. P said she felt like a young woman again. There's really nothing like some retail therapy to keep you youthful. I think we'll have to make a habit of this. I've hidden my purchases upstairs at Mrs. P's... away from Brian. He just won't understand that I did it all for Mrs. P's pleasure... honest. I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize my job Honey... ;-)


Mel said...

this is so inspiring - im going out shopping immediately.

Monica said...

You're hilarious. On sale..."that's kind of like free"! That is such a Tracy thing to say.

In my Dutch family, whenever someone gets really excited we say, "She was like a dutch girl on a bargain!"

You could be Dutch too, you know.