Friday, October 20, 2006

God Has Great Taste

I don't know why I let myself get all stressed out about finding the right dress for the wedding. I compared dress shopping to finding the right man... and really it's so true. But one thing I've learned is that when you have found the right one - you don't have eyes for anything else.

The dress I have chosen is NOTHING like the vision I had in my mind. I was really surprised at how easy it all came together. There's a New Zealand designer I love - called Annah Stretton. I walked into her store at the Mount and knew that I wanted one of her designs. You can check out some of her stuff at

Not only are her pieces fun, funky, romantic and flirty - but I support the charities that she supports. I'd love to meet her one day and tell her what a great job she is doing. She lives in a small town near Hamilton called Morrinsville - I almost took a Massage Therapy job there! I could've been her Massage Therapist!! But I digress...

I have chosen a two piece ensemble, which I thought was VERY practical (even though it cost the earth). The skirt is a three quarter length wrap skirt with panels in different fabrics of the same shade of gold/cream. It's rather hard to explain. It can be worn 4 different ways - which changes the look and fabric. I will be able to wear it again and again - and because it's a wrap, I'll never get too fat or too thin. Plus, it's a timeless piece that I can easily wear on our 20th wedding anniversary and not look silly.

I chose a cream coloured corset - again with panels of different fabrics of the same shade. It has four panels of dark dusty rose velvet on the front bodice and I've added some detail work with a thin gold ribbon I found at a local shop so that it ties in with the skirt better. I will be able to wear the corset with jeans later. SO PRACTICAL... but also SO expensive!

I also got a really funky necklace from Annah S. to tie it all together. It's nothing I'd ordinarily buy... but it looks so good with the outfit. I'm not sure how much wear I'll get out of it again though.

I feel wonderful knowing that it is a one of a kind design - and no one else in the world will have a dress like this. Annah S. designs are all different - no two are the same. The corset is the only one in the country - and they had to ship it up to me from Queenstown! I feel so gorgeous in this dress. It's kinda like 50's meets 80's Madonna... if you can picture that.

I've found my flower too - it's the coolest thing I've ever seen! It's called a King Protea. I will only need one as my bouquet. You can see it here

It's weird how everything has come together so easily and hassle free. We haven't had to leave the Mount for any of our wedding shopping! Even Brian's outfit came from a local menswear shop here - and everything we chose for him happened to be on sale! I swear, that wasn't planned. I would have gladly paid full price for anything that was "perfect". I like a good sale, but I also like quality. I'd never skimp on something important. But it's like God wanted me to have my dress - and so he made everything else on sale so that it all evens out! Thank you God.

God has great taste.

I wish everyone I knew could be here for this wedding. I've completed the Wedding Vows and the Ceremony. It's going to be such a special day for all of us and how I wish I could share it with my dearest friends from home. I'm still waiting to see if my Mom and sisters are going to make it. It's not looking promising. But it's a long way to come and I understand why they couldn't make it. It will be much simpler keeping it small and intimate.

I am so looking forward to December 30th!

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Anonymous said...

i always love hearing about the wedding plans. can't wait to see pictures of the dress!! can't wait to see you guys in feb and meet brian and the girls!