Saturday, October 28, 2006

You say Mummy, I say Mommy

The girls have started calling me "Mom" this week. They've used the term before, but it was always just to see how it felt and was still a bit fun and strange to them (and me). But this week we seem to have reached a new level. A few weeks ago I told them that perhaps they'd want to call me "Mom" which is how Canadians say it. They started out by making me cards - To Mom.

They are very loving girls and they shower me with hugs and kisses constantly. It's these moments that they use the endearing term. Channy calls me Mummy. When they returned home from school this week, they both presented me with flowers they picked along the way, gave me huge hugs and said, "I love you Mom."

So this is why people have children. Now I know.

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