Monday, October 30, 2006

A History of the Now

I had such a lovely Sunday - even though the weather has been grey and drizzly. What is this "summer" they are talking about?

The girls and I went to church as usual. You see, I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school. I've always taken it for granted - until now - because now I have children and realize how valuable faith is. Plus, it gives children a good foundation instilling morals and values that are lost in society today. We have been attending St. Mary's Anglican church. It has a great Sunday school program. The girls really enjoy it. Our Vicar, Rev'd Marie Gilpin will be marrying us. She's so lovely and fun.

So yesterday was a special service run by the young people in the congregation. They did a great job - thanks to Bonnie! One of the songs that was chosen to be played during the service was that of my dear friend Monica. It brought tears to my eyes to hear her voice in my church - I felt like she was right there. I miss Monica. She is one of my most cherished friends. Her support, her praise, her encouragement, her positivity, her energy, her wisdom, her love... are paramount to my faith today. I adore that girl. Her song, "Deny my right" was the chosen piece for our service. The link to her website is listed on the right... check it out. She has written and composed all of her own music. There is such power in her words and beauty in her voice. It's a great album to have... and a fantastic Christmas gift!

I've finally gotten around to sharing my link with a number of you who I haven't been in touch with for a long time! I've had a few emails requesting a bit of some back dated history - like who's Brian? Where's the girls mother? How'd you get the job with Mrs. P? Are you still doing Massage?

So here's a short update:

I met Brian in March 2005 after I moved to Mahia. I was working in the pub and he was farming nearby. It was love at first sight for him - he was so smitten. The first thing he said to me was, "Are all girls in Canada as good looking as you? Cause if they are, I'm going to Canada!" He was as drunk as a skunk. He made me laugh... but I thought he was rather obnoxious. From there a friendship pursued. He asked me to go to the Wairoa Rodeo - and was really surprised I said yes! Brian used to be a Rodeo Rider - he rode Broncos. He was so nervous... he went and got drunk! Great second impression... but he still made me laugh. I made it quite clear to him early on that I was NOT looking for a relationship... but in time I realized it was too late. I was smitten too.

Brian lost his wife three years earlier of complications from her second liver transplant. She was only 28. Brian raised the girls on his own basically but after Kay died, his mother took them. It was too difficult to work farming hours and raise kids in the country.

In June 2005, Brian got a job on a farm in Cambridge so I went with him. The girls stayed with his parents until we got ourselves settled. In October, Brian put his hand through a glass partition on our deck and severed four tendons to his right hand. He lost his job.

Luckily I got offered this job looking after Mrs. P three days later! She needed a full time carer to look after her at her beach house in Mount Maunganui and we needed a place to live. So we live in her downstairs flat, and she lives upstairs. It's ideal for all of us. The girls came to live with us full time at Christmas last year - the beginning of summer holidays.

It has been such a blessing. We have all flourished here and have found the place we want to be. We love Mrs. P... she is our family. She has given us security and love and we will always be so grateful. But it's been good for her too - because having a young family around keeps her young too. She LOVES having the girls here - giving her kisses at night after their bath. Even just having them do puzzles on her living room floor gives her pleasure.

So no, I haven't been doing ANY massage therapy (except on Mrs. P's hamstring and Brian's tendons). This job and the girls keep me too busy.

Brian's recovery has been slow but he's not the sort of man to sit around. He has been trying hard to get back to work - he got all of his heavy machinery licences while he was recovering, he learned the stone masonry trade (he has done some incredible work privately for local builders) and at the moment he is painting a house. He is good at everything! Plus, he's a fabulous cook and keeps a tidy house!!! AND he's got a green thumb - you should see our veggie garden. I'm pretty darned lucky. He's good looking too...

We're a mighty good looking family aren't we? It's rather uncanny how the girls can easily pass as mine. No one questions it - and everyone comments on how much Chantelle resembles my family (she looks so much like my niece Meagan). But there are similarities between Brian's late wife and myself - except she had lovely curly dark hair.

There are no accidents. Here I am blessed with a family I have always dreamed of. Even though I can't have children of my own, I ALWAYS knew I would have a family. I had faith and I just KNEW I would be a mom. No one can tell me that a natural mother has more love for her children than I do for these girls. It's incredible how life can fall into place when you follow your dreams and your heart.

And here's our garden - which has grown substancially since this photo was taken! We'll have plenty of of veggies for salads this summer - which is great because our summer meals consist of salads and BBQ!!! Yum!

So who's coming to the wedding?

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