Saturday, October 07, 2006

Big Fish

We are watching a pod of dolphins playing in the harbour. There are about 20 of them, jumping and chasing boats. It's the most exciting scene and some people stripped down to jump in the frigid water to try to swim with them (they weren't interested in playing with the humans). Still, I think it would have been exhilerating - and not just because the water would be SO cold! I wasn't brave enough to try... I was happy to watch from the beach.

This is one of the highlights of my life in New Zealand - this is one of the reasons I love this country so much... well that AND Brian.

I'm such a simple Canadian girl - big fish excite me.

I had another productive Wedding planning day today... while I was out running some errands for Mrs. P, I happened to spot two dresses on the "SALE" rack (of course) on the sidewalk. I stopped in my tracks - they were absolutely perfect for the girls! They fit too! And for $45 I couldn't buy the fabric to make them! So that's another task done.

Brian and I went out for dinner at the RSA last night. We wanted to check the place out before the wedding of course. I am so delighted we chose it! The meal was lovely and the atmosphere was ideal for our big night. There's a large dance floor and the music isn't too loud. Everything they play is music you can dance to - real dancing - waltz, fox trot, line dancing... you name it... they play it. We were the youngest couple there but it didn't matter. We made friends with a couple in their late 60's who are "dating". They have a very active social life - dancing on Wednesdays at the Cosmopolitan Club and dinner and dancing on Fridays at the RSA (sometimes Saturday too). They were really fun and we've invited them to the wedding! Judith is going to do our photography!!! Brian reckons we're getting old and the RSA is more our speed now. He even asked me to dance! It's the best date we've ever had. We smiled from ear to ear all night.

We are far from old - but we are certainly past the loud bars and clubs. Even the loud and expensive restaurants are exhausting. At the RSA people will ask if they can join you and new friendships are made. Men will ask a lady to dance, regardless of age (or who they're sitting with). If you aren't dancing with someone - you're fair game. It was so much fun! Why don't we do more of that in our generation?

So now if you want to find Brian and I - we'll be at the RSA dancing.

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