Monday, December 04, 2006

Busy December Days

Well, it's December and that means that there is A LOT going on this month! I have so much to write about and so little time to do it. Either, my blog entries are going to get long and detailed... or they will become few and far between. Since I hate stress - and writing is a form of escapism for me - I predict the former rather than the latter... but we'll just have to see. Stress is starting to creep up on me. Tomorrow it's Brian's birthday - he'll be 33! I already gave him his gift which was a PADI Open Water Dive course - so we can go diving together. There's a course on at the church tomorrow night that I didn't really want to miss - all about Methamphetamine and your teenager. I wonder if he'll think that's a nice thing to do together?

Yesterday we had a wander around to find a good spot to have the wedding ceremony. The main beaches are going to be packed at that time of the year and there happens to be a volleyball tournament on that day. There's a spot down the beach a way - in a nice grassy picnic area that overlooks the sea and has a gorgeous view of the Mount. It's sheltered and private (for a public beach) and it's a popular place for weddings. It's at the end of Hart St. so it's called the Hart Street Platform. There's a deck on the grass and a boardwalk down to it (which will be very practical for expensive wedding shoes). I just have to make sure that it's available that day. Our Vicar Marie Gilpin has also generously offered her garden if we'd like to get married there. However, it doesn't have a view of the ocean and I feel that the ocean is an important element for this wedding - because I had to cross it to get here and to find Brian and the girls - and also because my family and friends are across the ocean and it almost seems like they're not so far away looking out over it.

Oh goodness, I hope everything runs smoothly. I just have the last minute things to get ready now but there's Christmas and Natalya's birthday on the 19th... it's all starting to pile up at once. I don't even have the desire to decorate for Christmas!!! That's NOT like me! There's too much to do - and I'd rather just write about it with a cuppa tea and some Decadent cookies by my side (I've just eaten a row).

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