Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chantelle is 9 years old!

It was Channy's birthday on the 3rd of March. She had her first sleepover - and invited her friend Nicky from school (she is the one second from the right, standing next to Chantelle). Nicky was the first friend Chantelle made last year when she started at Mt. Primary. The two of them got into mischief quite a bit last year so I was trying to keep them separated - but they are very "connected" so it hasn't worked. Nicky is in a different class this year but they are still the best of friends. Nicky lost her mother when she was 6 years old - so I think that is the commonality that they share. She now lives with her older sister Anna - and I had a chance to meet her. She was a lovely soul. Kind and gentle natured. We got to talk about the girls - and found out that they are very very similar. Nicky has never had a close friend before she met Chantelle... and this was the first sleepover for the two of them. It was very special. Nicky isn't a trouble child as I first thought - she is just a lost child like Channy was.

Chantelle invited three other girls over for the following day from 1-5pm. We went down to the beach for a swim and Brian and I prepared a "beach dig" for the kids. I wrapped 8 presents and numbered them. We had 8 clothes pegs which were also numbered that we buried in the sand. The object of the game was that the kids had to dig for the pegs - and whatever number peg they found, that's the present they got. It seemed like an easy enough task... but only three pegs were found! I even got in there to dig... and found nothing. A friend of mine was out for a swim with her dog Oscar - and Oscar got into the dig too!!! But came up with nothing. I guess we buried them TOO well. So I got the kids to chose a number between one and eight.

We had doughnuts and ice cream and Channy unwrapped her prezzies. It was a great party. I was delighted that Chantelle has made some new friends this year. It was a huge change from last year when she kept to herself and bullied other kids. The kids at her party were sweet and lovely girls - similar to Chantelle's true personality. She's finally discovering who she is.

Granny Goose's parcel arrived the morning of Chantelle's birthday! You have impeccable timing mom! She was thrilled with all of the goodies you sent. There's nothing more exciting in this household than when a parcel arrives from Granny Goose.

And this is a photo of the courgette (zucchini for us Canadians) that came out of our garden! It grew that big in just over a week! I stuffed it with mince (ground beef) and tomatoes (from the garden) and onions with lots of spices... smothered with cheese! It was DELICIOUS!!!

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