Sunday, March 25, 2007

Signage is everything

My new signs were delivered this weekend. Brian was very busy and very productive building and painting all weekend. He built sign posts for my signs to hang off - and painted them. It all feels real and professional now.

Brian's cousin Jody stopped by with her boyfriend Darren and she helped me choose paint colours for the clinic (she is more artistic and visual than I am) . I'm happy with what we came up with. The waiting area is going to be painted a greeny colour called Avocado something... and I'm painting a portion of a feature wall in a soft red. I have a beautiful microsuede chair in the same colour. It will look very classy. The massage room will be a coffee colour and the trim and ceiling throughout will be a cream colour.

I bought a Japanese screen door off trade me for $50 to separate the two rooms. I felt it was nicer than just having an ordinary door. The screen keeps it "open" and bright yet provides adequate privacy. It will be lovely. I just can't wait to get it done!

We also bought a water feature for the garden from a local artist. He makes the most wonderful features out of concrete and shells.

We've had our eye on this one for months and finally decided it was time to get it. It's made out of Paua and Mother of Pearl shells and the water cascades down ... really lovely and just perfect for the space. The garden needed the sound of water - and this feature recycles it's own water so it doesn't need to be hooked up to a water system to run. Now the cats have a fresh water bowl in the garden! They'll love that.

The renovations should be close to complete next weekend when Brian comes home to finish them. The wiring and electrical is getting done during the week while he's away and when he comes home he will just need to insulate, whack the walls up and frame the door. I'll do the painting and get the carpet installed... and it will be all ready to go!

The sign on the street certainly created a buzz. People walked by and looked at it, commenting on how nice it was. I was watching from my lounge and felt a bit embarrassed by the publicity! I suppose I'd better get used to it! Soon I hope they'll be booking in for treatment.

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