Saturday, January 17, 2009

Swoop Series Shots

These are the photos of myself, Megan and Bex doing the swoop. Let me first say that Megan warned us that she was a screamer but she LOVES the swoop (she's done it a multitude of times - slightly addicted). Bex had never done it before and she was a little nervous. I've done it once but I absolutely LOVE rollarcoasters and the whole feeling of falling. When I am scared I laugh. It's my nervous reaction to fear. I screamed when the other two started screaming (I was in charge of pulling the rip cord) but then my screams turned into hysterical laughter. These photos are priceless.

We're getting secured in our body bags. It was all still very surreal at this stage. I'm not sure why I'm laughing so hard already... I think the guy was strapping me in and I was caught off guard when he fastened the strap between my crotch (like those lifejackets kids wear).

Megan is starting to psyche herself out. Bex is just totally oblivious because she's never done anything like this before... and we were still close to the ground. I am just thinking about how fun this is going to be.

The girls are getting a bit nervous now.

This is when the curse words start and the fear and panic set in. I'm starting to have second thoughts now. WHY was this fun?



Fear. Sheer fear. I'm sure you could hear the screaming all the way to Canada.

Now I start to laugh...


Bex just realized how loudly Megan screams. My sides are splitting.

That wasn't so bad. Let's do it again!!! Look at Megan, she's such a little drama queen!

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