Monday, November 13, 2006

Grandaddy Crayfish

Last week Brian went fishing. There were no fish to be caught so he threw on some dive gear and decided to have a look for some ocean creatures. It was the fishing derby at the fishing club and Brian was certainly not going to return empty handed! So he hunted and hunted... like a good hunter does... and look what he came up with!!! He found a cave but his tank wouldn't fit so what does he do? He took his tank off, swam in, put the tank back on, and saw that he was in Crayfish heaven! Apparently there was a bigger one but he could not get at it. This photo really doesn't do it justice. Regardless, it was the biggest cray brought in - and he's leading for the trophy! He came home at 10pm after celebrating... drunk... and wanted to cook him... but we didn't have a pot big enough and the Grandaddy Crayfish was showing no signs of dying - he was a fighter! I thought he was far too beautiful to kill and convinced (actually TOLD) Brian that he had to let him go. Brian was gutted... but he and I walked down to the beach together and gave Grandaddy Crayfish a second chance. I sure hope he found a suitable home... and that he's still out there somewhere. Brian is sure that he has found his way home by now. That's a nice thought.

He woke the kids up to show them "daddy's big cray"

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