Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guy Fawkes Who?

Well here's a tradition we don't hear much of in Canada... it's called Guy Fawkes Day and it is celebrated on November 5. If you ask me, it's a strange thing to celebrate. This fellow "Guy Fawkes" tried to blow up parliament in 1605... and was unsuccessful. So what to do?? Make a holiday about it! I've just Googled it and discovered that it is celebrated in Newfoundland - who knew? Bloody Newfies... it's no surprise... any reason to drink and blow things up.

Mrs. P's son Phil stepped in to give me a much needed night off so that Brian and I could take the girls to the Speedway at Blue Chip Stadium. Our friends Rob and Sharyn came out too. The girls had never been in such a crowd of people and Chantelle's eyes were wide and her mouth open just about the whole night!

We had a blast, watching the different car rallies. There was mud flying and even the occasional crash! Afterward we got to enjoy the magnificent fireworks display to celebrate Guy Fawkes. We had a really great family night - thank you Phil.


Anonymous said...

Hi Girlfriend, yep I finally checked out your blog tonight. I'm touched! I thank God and take delight in reconnecting with you and sharing so much of your 'New Life' here at the 'Mount'. God knows just how each of us fits into his plan, but it makes me happy knowing you're here at this time to share it with me.
Love & Kisses..... SR

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tracy

Just want to let you know that I’m checking your blog. You’re doing a wonderful job with it. Keep it up. And here’s a bit of family history that’s loosely related to Guy Fawkes Day. My aunt (your great-aunt) Margaret Kearney was born on November 5. I always remember her birthday because it was on Guy Fawkes Day. Marg was my mother’s (your grandmother’s) younger sister. Your mom was named after her. Marg was born in 1915 or 1916 and died in the mid-1960s, long before you were born.

Aunt Maureen

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
Cool site, we can keep checking up on you guys when ever we want now.
Hope that man of yours is still getting out fishing often.
Tell him i'll be bringing the boat over again in january sometime.
catch Ya
Bob April & Katie
x x x

Anonymous said...

hey tracey
if you want to know more about guy fawkes you should check out the movie called "v for vendetta"its a cool movie with some subtle messages in it as well about society today.