Friday, November 24, 2006

Virtual Reality Check

I was out at the school yesterday for a kiddie function and guess who I met? Madonna! Her kids are apparently attending the school for the season. She seemed very lonely and when we were chatting, she gave me her telephone number and asked if I'd like to go over. Frankly, she seemed a bit "needy" but was much nicer than you'd think. She was just like a normal mother.

Later that afternoon I turned up at her place. It was very nice and there were lots of plush pillows everywhere - on the floors, on the sofas... all in pinks and purples and oranges. The kids played while Madonna and I chatted. She was very nice to talk to but I kept thinking how lonely she seemed. Her daughter Lordes was a lovely sweet girl but Rocco was a bit of a handful. The newest addition, David was nowhere to be seen.

At one point Guy turned up, popped his head in the door and made some sarcastic remark. I don't think they're getting along. Madonna had a few smart words with him and he was off... probably to make a movie. He seemed very snobby and didn't even say hello to me.

When it was time to go, Madonna didn't seem to want me to leave. I assured her that I would see her sometime next week. Maybe the kids can get together and we'll all go to the beach this weekend.

So now I am apparently Madonna's new best friend. I'm flattered and honoured - but I really don't know if I'll have much time to devote to this friendship. I'm quite busy looking after Mrs. P.

I wonder if I'll dream about her again tomorrow? I'm living life in the subconscious REM mind now. It's kinda like a "virtual world". Am I sad? Or sick? Or maybe just need a holiday?

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Anonymous said...

UMMMM you hung out with Madonna??? So jealous. I always wondered what it would be like to have a sit down with her, she seems interesting.